The Life of My Grandmother, Patricia Phillips–Obituary

For several years I have been looking for the obituary of my grandmother, Patricia (Patty) Phillips. I found my grandfather’s obituary several years ago, and today, I finally found the online obituary for my grandmother. I post these obituaries to commemorate my family. Here are a few facts I gathered: 1) My grandmother married at … More The Life of My Grandmother, Patricia Phillips–Obituary

Thomas Aquinas (Great Thinkers) Scott Oliphint

I want to highlight the fact that Paul Helm wrote a strong review of Oliphint’s book. It can be found here: (part 1), (part 2), (part 3). For academic purposes everyone should read Helm’s review. Oliphint, K. Scott. Thomas Aquinas (Great Thinkers). Phillipsburg, NJ: P&R Publishing, 2017, pp. 145, $14.99, paperback. Scott Oliphint serves as … More Thomas Aquinas (Great Thinkers) Scott Oliphint

John Gerstner Lectures

Below is a collection of lectures on various topics from the late Dr. John Gerstner. These are important for evangelicalism in our day because Gerstner’s views both solidify historic evangelical thought and they continue to speak towards present-day issues. Please note: The link below is a playlist; so, you will need to adjust the upper-left … More John Gerstner Lectures

Theology of My Life: A Theological and Apologetic Memoir by John Frame

This article was originally posted at Themelios. Please click here for the review. Theology of My Life: A Theological and Apologetic Memoir by John Frame is a principled, historical, theological apologetic and reflective piece, designed to show, among other things, a window into the life and theology of John Frame. “Like many in their later years,” says … More Theology of My Life: A Theological and Apologetic Memoir by John Frame

New Book: Sola Fide

I want to let everyone know about my new book, titled, Sola Fide: A Primer on Paul’s Doctrine of Justification in Romans. You can find this book on Amazon by clicking here. Endorsements for Sola Fide “This is an excellent, succinct work that clearly outlines the flow of Paul’s logic in Romans, highlighting the central … More New Book: Sola Fide

James White: Polemics Lectures

In today’s day and age, Christians need to be prepared to engage unbelievers with the hope of the gospel. In the Youtube playlist below, James White, presents 11 lectures on essential areas in Christian polemics and apologetics. Specifically, White presents a biblical grounding and method to engage Roman Catholicism, Islam, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, and many … More James White: Polemics Lectures