Paul Helm: Who is afraid of Thomas Aquinas?

There has always been an ensuing debate within the Reformed community pertaining to apologetic methodology. For academic purposes, I want to highlight an article by Paul Helm responding to Scott Oliphint’s book on Thomas Aquinas. One must view Helm and Oliphint as the two key interlocutors pertaining to the modern debate over Aquinas and Reformed … More Paul Helm: Who is afraid of Thomas Aquinas?

Presuppositional or New Historiographical?

Two cross currents from the twentieth century have affected evangelical apologetics: apologetic methodology and Carl F. H. Henry. Henry was considered the dean of American evangelicalism, who shaped the movement by providing a rational and propositional apologetic. Henry also engaged the issues in the midst of a larger question of apologetic methodology, primarily, between presuppositionalists … More Presuppositional or New Historiographical?

John Gerstner Lectures

Below is a collection of lectures on various topics from the late Dr. John Gerstner. These are important for evangelicalism in our day because Gerstner’s views both solidify historic evangelical thought and they continue to speak towards present-day issues. Please note: The link below is a playlist; so, you will need to adjust the upper-left … More John Gerstner Lectures

Theology of My Life: A Theological and Apologetic Memoir by John Frame

This article was originally posted at Themelios. Please click here for the review. Theology of My Life: A Theological and Apologetic Memoir by John Frame is a principled, historical, theological apologetic and reflective piece, designed to show, among other things, a window into the life and theology of John Frame. “Like many in their later years,” says … More Theology of My Life: A Theological and Apologetic Memoir by John Frame

New Book: Sola Fide

I want to let everyone know about my new book, titled, Sola Fide: A Primer on Paul’s Doctrine of Justification in Romans. You can find this book on Amazon by clicking here. Endorsements for Sola Fide “This is an excellent, succinct work that clearly outlines the flow of Paul’s logic in Romans, highlighting the central … More New Book: Sola Fide

John Gerstner: Inerrancy Series

John H. Gerstner (November 22, 1914—March 24, 1996), a native of Tampa, Florida, was arguably the preeminent Reformed theologian of his day. Gerstner earned graduate degrees at Westminster Theological Seminary and completed a Ph.D. at Harvard University in 1945. He was a professor of church history at Pittsburgh-Xenia Theological Seminary, and visiting professor at Trinity … More John Gerstner: Inerrancy Series