Defending Evangelicalism

Recently, I wrote a book titled, Defending Evangelicalism: The Apologetics of Norman L. Geisler.

Book Endorsements

For 20 years my seminar students have asked me why my pastor didn’t teach me of the impact of those like Hume and Kant and I didn’t know what to tell them. Now we have at least one book that not only explains what happened, but also shows the unique contribution one man made to the evangelical church in the 20th and early 21st century to counteract their damage. I highly recommend Dr. Bill Roaches book…I know my dad would be very proud!—David Geisler, President and Co-founder, Norm Geisler International Ministries.

Defending Evangelicalism is a truly excellent book. Dr. William Roach, the book’s author, has mastered and distilled for the reader what could have been difficult subject matter. Albert Einstein is reported to have said, “If you can’t explain something simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” If that be the case, William Roach understands his subject and the issues very well, and when you finish his book, you will too!—Richard Land, President, Southern Evangelical Seminary.

Over the next decade there will certainly be many books describing the life and beliefs of the greatest and most prolific apologist of the twentieth-century, Norman Geisler. Defending Evangelicalism: The Apologetics of Norman L. Geisler is a fascinating look behind the scenes of a gifted man who defied the odds to educate an entire generation of believers. This book is a must read!—Joseph Holden, President, Veritas International University.

The main title of Roach’s book—Defending Evangelicalism—is very significant. So many of us doing apologetics today were nurtured at the feet of Norman Geisler.  And what always impressed me about his apologetic writings and talks was their thoroughly Evangelical focus.  Geisler covered the waterfront in his work and took on many topics that most Christian philosophers ignore. What we have needed for years is a book that brings together the various threads of Geisler’s thought into one resource.  We no longer have that need. William Roach’s book is a scholarly, readable, integrative presentation of Geisler’s overall apologetic and we are indebted to him for doing so.—J. P. Moreland, Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, Talbot School of Theology, Biola University and author of Scientism and Secularism.

What moves me as a Catholic to plug this book by Bill Roach about an Evangelical apologist and philosopher?  First is the fact that I was a Thomist like Norman Geisler for years before I became a Catholic–it is just excellent, common-sense philosophy.  Good reasoning is not denominationally dependent.  Second, there is a great need for classical, traditional common-sense realism among today’s philosophers, including Christian philosophers. Many theological errors have philosophical roots.  Third, for the sake of philosophy itself.  Geisler, like MacIntyre, Adler, and many others, helps heal our confused and conflicted philosophical climate.—Peter Kreeft, Professor of Philosophy, Boston College, and author of Summa of the Summa, Summa Philosophica, and The Platonic Tradition.

As one privileged to know Bill and Dr. Geisler, I perceive both to be cut from the same aspirational cloth. I have witnessed their commitment and drive contending for the faith in the seminary classroom, during home studies at Norm’s, and more significantly, while just hanging out together as brothers in Christ. We both can attest, “We’ve learned just as much from Dr. Geisler outside the classroom than inside!”     

In Geisler-like fashion, Bill not only picked up Norm’s zeal for grounding himself in the philosophical foundations of the Christian faith, but he also recognizes the significance of its application in academia, evangelicalism, and now more than ever, cultural discourse. In this work, Bill captures the essence of Dr. Geisler’s apologetic approach to defending evangelicalism. This book is needed, well thought out, and in the style of Dr. Geisler himself, “It ties all the strings!” I hope this book will pass on Dr. Geisler’s classic, historical approach for generations to come.—Mike E. Jackson,MAA, MAPC, LPCMH, NBCC, and former ministry assistant to Dr. Norman Geisler.

I was blessed to have studied under Dr. Geisler, written books with him, and spoken at countless conferences with him. Through the decades, his apologetics — expressed in over 100 books — profoundly shaped my thinking and work of ministry. Because of Geisler’s impact on me, I am enthused to recommend William Roach’s new book, Defending Evangelicalism: The Apologetics of Norman L. Geisler. This concise and readable book effectively introduces the reader to Geisler’s defense of the nature of truth, God, and the inerrancy of the Bible — three battleground issues of our day. This book receives two enthusiastic thumbs up.—Ron Rhodes, President, Reasoning from the Scriptures Ministries

Never was there a more prolific apologist than Norm Geisler, who authored or co-authored well over a hundred books.   A downside to that productivity is that some people fail to appreciate the systematic breadth and depth of his contribution to Evangelical theology because they only encounter it in bits and pieces.  Bill Roach has done us a great service in Defending Evangelicalism: The Apologetics of Norman L. Geisler.  He has synthesized Geisler’s approach in one handy volume, clearly written and faithful in both substance and spirit to the thought of its subject.  Roach will send you back to Geisler with enhanced understanding and renewed appetite—and that will serve well both Geisler’s memory and the Kingdom in which he labored.—Donald Williams, Professor Emeritus, Toccoa Falls College, and author of Mere Humanity: G. K.  Chesterton, C. S.  Lewis, and J. R. R. Tolkien, and Deeper Magic: The Theology Behind the Writings of C. S.  Lewis.  

The annals of Christianity provide the rise of only a few men over 2000 plus years whose contribution to the Church can only be reckoned in superlative strains. Such were Augustine, Spurgeon, Luther, and a few others. Among those of this generation, Norman Geisler penned books in proliferation, was faithful in his home church, was devoted to his family, and assisted a host of young men to achieve their academic heart’s desires. That is why I rejoice Dr. Bill Roach, life-long assistant to Dr. Geisler, has opted to write Defending Evangelicalism: The Apologetics of Norman L. Geisler. One of the essential volumes for the scholar’s bookcase and challenging reading for all believers, this monograph by Dr. Roach will be irreplaceable.—Paige Patterson, President, Sandy Creek Foundation, Parker, Texas.

Dr. William Roach has inscribed a stunningly powerful expose of the thought and life of Norman Leo Geisler, the greatest Scriptural apologist of the 20th and early 21st century.  Being a young Timothy to Dr. Geisler, Roach is eminently qualified to delineate the tremendous contributions that Dr. Geisler made in defense of the inerrant words of Scripture.  Dr. Geisler was known affectionately as “Stormin’ Norman” because of his unswerving defense of inerrancy, as well as his clear, logical thinking.  Ironically, Geisler often received great opposition, not from liberals, but from the evangelical critical scholars who professed belief in the same Scripture.  The old worn aviator adage that one knows that the plane is precisely over the target by the amount of flack received is true in Dr. Geisler’s case because of his vigilant apologetics that affirmed Scriptural trustworthiness. Geisler’s thought and logic were the Kevlar vest against onslaughts thrown by both liberal and evangelical critical scholars who, or played hermeneutical games, with the trustworthiness of the plain, normal sense of God’s Word.  Dr. Roach has delineated the prime aspects of Geisler’s theology in a very formidable work.  I encourage all readers to carefully read through this work to gain inspiration and understanding of the life and work of Geisler.—F. David Farnell, Co-editor at DefendingInerrancy, and co-author of The Jesus Crises and The Jesus Quest.   

I was honored to not only meet and work with Norman Geisler nearly 30 years ago but was blessed to be able to call him friend ever since that day. I can attest to Bill Roach’s statement, “Norman Geisler was one evangelical figure who worked his entire life to demonstrate the fact that God is there, and he is not silent.” This commitment influenced everything Dr. Geisler did from academics to evangelism and discipleship. Bill Roach has done an admirable job of describing how Norm Geisler thought and why he believed certain issues were the main plain elements of the faith. Fudging on those not only compromises evangelicalism but abandons the faith delivered “once for all delivered to the saints.” (Jude 4).—L. L. (Don) Veinot Jr., President, Midwest Christian Outreach, Inc and Evangelical Ministries to New Religions. Co-author of A Matter of Basic Principles: Bill Gothard and the Christian Life and Richard Rohr and the Enneagram Secret

Bill Roach has provided a concise and readable defense of Norman Geisler’s commitment to classical realism, classical theism, classic evangelicalism, and inerrancy.  This book will contribute to Geisler’s legacy which shaped thousands of his students like myself who, in the trenches of pastoral ministry and preaching, continue to declare that God’s Word is truth and therefore without error.  This book will help to keep fresh these fundamental issues and provide a source for a new generation seeking to defend the faith in today’s world.—John Munro, Pastor of Calvary Church, Charlotte, NC.

Evangelicals owe an enormous spiritual debt to the late Dr. Norman Geisler, whose stalwart commitment to the inerrant Word of God and obedience in defending it against modernity’s lies forged his lasting apologetics legacy. As the Church today faces increasing pressure to abandon classical evangelicalism, Dr. Bill Roach skillfully and effectively reminds us why his mentor’s approach to defending the faith was so fruitful and why evangelicals today must emulate Geisler’s mind and heart in courageously standing for the gospel and biblical truth.—Janet Mefferd, nationally syndicated host of Janet Mefferd Today.

My experience with Dr. Norman Geisler is probably different from many others who are endorsing Defending Evangelicalism. I first met him in print as I edited his book on The Roots of Evil. Sadly, I never took a class from him. For many decades we joined together speaking in classrooms and doing a number of debates together. We even wrote a book together. This book by William Roach reminds us all of the debt of gratitude we owe to Dr. Geisler as he ably defended the Bible with thoughtful apologetics.—Kerby Anderson, Host, Point of View radio talk show.

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