Carl F. H. Henry: The Bible as Propositional Revelation

Carl F. H. Henry claims: The controversy between Protestant orthodoxy and neoorthodoxy
focused with special intensity on the issue of the propositional or nonpropositional
character of divine disclosure, that is, on whether God’s revelation is rational and objectively true, or whether God’s revelation is noncognitively life-transforming.

This has caused some present-day evangelicals and non-evangelicals to ask:

  1. Does Carl F. H. Henry fall prey to the “heresy of propositional paraphrase”?
  2. Ought evangelicals buy into non-cognitive or modified-cognitive views of revelation?
  3. Is there a specific relationship between the Bible as cognitive revelation and propositional revelation?
  4. Should evangelicals retreat to neo-orthodox views of revelation?

These questions and more are answered in this PDF on Carl F. H. Henry’s view of: The Bible as Propositional Revelation.

Here is a link to the PDFHenry.The Bible as Propositional Revelation

For more information on this topic please consult my book on Henry titled: Hermeneutics as Epistemology:

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